Natural finishes in Sittingbourne, Kent

Here at Comprehensive Coverings we have a wide selection of hardwood and laminate ranges to for fill your needs ranging from Lifestyle Flooring, Haro and Kahrs.


Haro was founded in 1866 as a small family business now in the 21st Century they are the leading parquet manufacturer in Germany. They have over 2300 employees and generate over 300 million euros and is supplied to over 90 countries. We have fitted Haro flooring in every area of Kent, whether its the Isle Of Sheppey, Dover or Dartford the quality of Haro speaks for itself. They offer products such as; Cork, Laminate which comes in many different grades such as Tritty 250 which is a Laminate that has an aluminium seal which means it is scratch resilient or the Gran Via which is one of the largest Laminate boards available and engineered board which also comes in different grades such as the Family and Markant.


Kahrs began in 1857 when a shop was opened in Sweden by Johan Kahr but they were not making flooring at this time, they were known for crafting utility goods like parts for spinning wheels. His grandson Gustaf opened up his own company under his leadership the company soared becoming a leader in wooden doors, toys and most importantly flooring. In 1937 he invented the first multi-layer Laminate

Wood. Perhaps the most natural of all materials used in the home.
Subtle, beautiful and now, definitely colourful. Comprehensive Coverings can supply a rich variety of hardwood floors in a vast range of colours, finishes and type. We can supply traditional oak finishes,  but why not discover the joys of cherry, sycamore, ash, maple, beech or rosewood, and be different.


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