Soffits and fascias in Sittingbourne, Kent

No matter what the age of your house is, it will have soffits, end boards, weatherboards or fascias of some description. Because they are installed at the roofline, they are usually beyond the reach of the average householder when it comes to maintenance, or repair.


Not only are they hard to reach, but most work at height, has strict Health and Safety rules governing how work is carried out. Gone are the days when a borrowed ladder and a weekend of DIY would do the job.


If you live in a town house, then the problem is almost impossible to solve as the height of the building requires scaffolding, a MWEP or a tower construction.


Comprehensive Coverings over a full repair, maintenance or replacement service that will guarantee the fixtures and fittings that enhance your building will continue to do so for years to come. Where a building is listed or in a conservation area, we will liaise with the local planning officer or conservation officer to ensure the products used are suitable and sympathetic to the building and surrounding environs.

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