Guttering and repairs in Sittingbourne, Kent

After leaking roofs, the biggest cause of water penetration in a building, is faulty guttering.


Gutters that allow water to flow down exterior walls can cause problems of nightmare proportions.  Damp patches, mould, failing plasterwork. All expensive to repair, and yet so easy to solve.


Comprehensive Coverings provide a full repair service that will clean, repair, reinstate and refit existing guttering.


Where guttering has failed, or it is unviable to repair, Comprehensive Coverings will replace it with the highest quality products that will protect your building for decades.


Where a building is listed or in a conservation area, we will liaise with the local planning officer or conservation officer to ensure the products used are suitable and sympathetic to the building and surrounding environs.

Need advice? We're always happy to explain the features and benefits of various options.

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