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Up until the 17th Century it was extremely unusual to even have rugs on the floor let alone carpets. Many house right up the the 1950s had stained wooden floors with a central rug, the concept of fitted carpets unbelievably, is a fairly modern concept.


But today the idea of a house without carpets is a truly alien one, how tastes change. And tastes have come round full circle as carpets are now being usurped by laminate flooring. However, there are many flooring requirements in the modern house and you may prefer to use vinyls or cork instead.


But Comprehensive Coverings can come to your rescue.
We can cater for the more traditional tastes with a multitude of carpets and rugs to suit all tastes and budgets. And if you would like a more modern approach, we have hardwood flooring, laminates in a huge range of finishes and massive selection of vinyls and cork finishes.

Need advice? We're always happy to explain the features and benefits of various options.

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