Exceptional carpets and rugs in Sittingbourne, Kent

Carpets The variety we have in store shows ranges from companies such as;

• Lifestyle Flooring

• Kingsmead

• Furlong

• Abingdon

• Axminster

• Forbo Flotex


...and many more, whatever your carpet needs we have something for you whether it be something soft for those cold winter mornings or stripes to bring you staircase to life.


Abingdon Flooring is based in the south of Wales and is the UK's Largest carpet manufacturer. They have around 400 employees and each year sell well over 1,000,000 square metres of carpet which is enough to get you to America and back. They invest around £2,000,000 each year into the company ensuring they always have the best quality equipment and products to supply the public with quality the deserve. The stock ranges; Love Story, Lasting Romance, Loving Touch and many more high-end carpets.


Axminster Carpets originated in 1755 when Thomas Whitty started making Axminster carpets which can be located in many famous locations such as Brighton Pavilion and purchased by royalty in King George III and his wife Queen Charlotte who had previously visited Thomas and his factory. A fire destroyed the factory where the carpets originated from and in 1937 a decision was made that Axminster would re-open its doors to a new factory in the town of Axminster.

We also have samples of commercial carpets from companies like Paragon, JHS and Heckmondwike who are the most popular under this sub heading. We have laid Heckmonwikes Supercord in schools across Kent, in Sittingbourne, Ashford, Tunbridge and many more towns across the County of Kent.


JHS are the leading supplier of commercial carpet in the UK for the past 50 Years. They operate under the Headlam group since 1999. They supply a very diverse range of carpets from hotels and offices to pubs and schools , JHS has a product to meet your commercial needs with ranges such as Hospi-Guard II, Geneva Barrier Matting or Fast Track Cord.


Heckmondwike are another commercial company whose most popular product is the Supercord Carpet which comes in a 2m width and is more than likely in all of the schools you have been to as it is widely known as one of the best products to have commercially. It was created in 1973 so it has been making its way into schools and other establishments for well over 40 years and that is why it is considered to be the number on carpet provider for educational buildings.


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