Bathrooms, wetrooms and flooring in Sittingbourne, Kent

If you ask your grandparents, not so long ago the toilet was in a lean to outside, and the bath was hung on the wall and hand filled with numerous kettlefuls of hot water.


Today every house has an integral toilet and bathroom.

OK it could be a shower room, a wet room, a combination bath, whatever! But these rooms are often features in the house rather than a utility, and people like to have the very best facilities to pamper themselves now.

Whatever your tastes or requirements, Comprehensive Coverings will not only supply every element of your dream bathroom, but we will fit it to the very highest and exacting of standards. We offer a full design facility where we can discuss, and design every aspect of your bespoke bathroom.


Need advice? We're always happy to explain the features and benefits of various options.

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